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Thank you for joining this powerful annual event.

Together we can weave a new story that enables women to flourish 

A spoonful of medicine
5th and 6th August 2023

Every soul has a story, and a lot of these stories are imprinted on us from parents, peers, friends and generally life around us. Often these opinions and perspectives are carried through generations and women in particular carry so many. These can over time weigh us down and become heavy burdens to carry. We then become the stories we know are not enabling us to flourish and they keep us small, unseen and unheard. They are the years of generations and suppression and the centuries of packing it down and not being able to be generous with ourselves. Never being shown how to prioritise ourself and value our worth has left many women settling for less. Doubt and lack rule so many womens lives.


The domestication of women through the ages, to suit the needs of others has taken a toll and now we need to come into a place of balance. 


This safe and magical weekend is a great opportunity to provide yourself with a collective space of cleansing, clearing and nourishing life force. A time of weaving new possibilities and creating new beautiful stories of wisdom and love. A time to renew yourself with abundance, plenty, creation and how to prioritise YOU. 

This event is being held in a safe lovely hall at Wye village in Kent. It has masses of space, a beautiful garden and is 5 min walk from Wye train station. We have permission for you to stay over in the hall, so bring bedding, duvets, blankets, air mats and pillows. Or you can choose to stay in Ashford, Premier in and Travel lodges. Ashford is only 1 stop from Wye.

We begin each day at 10;30 am with a wonderful workshop followed by ceremony through the daytime .  

Please bring a spoon, any spoon. This represents your new medicine. 

Email below if you need information or wish to book your place and pay on the day.

We will have a card machine at the hall 


Email to Book 

Pay on Day


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