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Find your Courage 

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The West Gate

Gateway 3 called the West, here we explore a deeper journey and work alongside the  powerful totem of the Jaguar to find courage. 


Discovering the power of your own inner shadow, discover the deepest fears of your sub conscious, and face the truth about yourself.

Practical past life work is demonstrated for you to heal your own past life journeys and close the threads of karma, this process can be used on others.  Beginning to accept the shadow and powerful self and bringing light into the soul is important for the vision of beauty to continue in life.


Stepping into the perpetual state of the Jaguar allows you to see into the soul of others and become the powerful peaceful, warrior. We hold an energetic funeral allowing the any regrets to die away, giving space for the new warrior to be born. 


Here we establish how we want to walk the Earth 


A releasing despacho ceremony will be taught to you for clearance of your path ahead.


Water is our next element as it reflects the blood of the Mother, rivers of the earth and life force in your veins.


The courage of the Jaguar is obtained here.  

 £495     9.30am-5.30pm       5 days

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