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You will learn soul retrieval, white mesa despachos and embark on an overnight vision quest in the heart of Pachamama.

Time to dance

This delightful and magical communion with life will bring joy and magic into your wisdom path. The medicine wheel reveals its magic and you learn to create, open your heart, love and accept. You will dance with the hummingbird into a world of colour and creation.

While working alongside the archetype of hummingbird and learning the art of soul retrieval, you’ll return fragmented essences of yourself lost to events lingering and sadness still carried from loving deeply. Once returned, you feel complete and whole with a sense of renewed purpose. It’s the true healing of the soul.

Emotional freedom from attachment to the many roles we play throughout life is achieved in the North allowing true flight on your personal epic journey into the future. You will connect to the ‘here and now’ and live in the moment, realising that is all we ever fully have – owning nothing, experiencing everything.

A short, over night vision quest is completed offering a connection to yourself, sacred elements, the land spirits and a communication opportunity with Pachamama and Pachatata.

Deep work with the mesa offers a connection to air and the winds that carry the messages from our ancestors to us.

Here we remember who we really are.

You will be taught how hold and create a beautiful Manifesting Despacho ceremony for others.

This is a certified course of the shamanic wisdom practitioner. After this course, you can progress to the East direction on the wheel when you feel called.

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