Here at SUNGATE we like to keep things simple,  so the main full time team is just Skye and Red . 


This ensure's that you always get the best advice and one of us is always here to help you offering a personal family feel service.

 We are blessed to have a small regular team of volunteers and helpers that enjoy coming to the 

events we hold all around the world to assist with our workshops. 

New members are always weaving into our sunGate extended family bringing with them some unique and beautiful qualities.

Our newest adoptive member is Deya from CacaoAmor. 

SunGate and CacaoAmor are now in Collaboration together importing and distributing cacao, raw chocolate

all around the world.  Together we offer a high quality product, fair traded prices and extra support and financial abundance to the Cacao farmers in Ecuador. It is a privilege to be in collaboration with a companyy with so much passion and ethics of trade. 

SunGate Ltd
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