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Incorporating Shamanic  into your Daily Life 

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The South Gate

Gateway 2 is represented by the totem of the rainbow serpent, it is here you begin your journey of wisdom.


We begin by gathering your Khuyas so you can build and work with the sacred mesa teachings (medicine power bundle).


From here you will explore and begin to release everthing that no longer serves you.

Shedding and uncoiling patterns and behaviours.

You will be guided to change your past attachments, allowing you to recreate a whole new future. Attachments and patterns from the past begin to appear so you can acknowledge what you need to shed.


Through the power of the Archetypes you are held and fully supported by the powerful Andean lineage on your personal wisdom path. 

The rainbow serpent becomes your powerful shamanic guide totem. 


Energetic initiation belts are placed into your nawis (chakras) to help you connect deeply to this work. These belts were gifted from the Q'ero people to Skie to align people to the path of the wisdom carrier.


Healing techniques to use on others will be demonstrated for you to then complete case studies.

You will begin the inner healing work 

Here we work with our connection to the earth.

This is an intense course which will help you let go of the past and create a new future. Open to everyone who has completed the introductory gateway. 


Certified course of shamanic wisdom Practitioner 

 £495     9.30am-5.30pm       5 days

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