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Solo at Home ceremony

This is a beautiful way to connect to the plants in the comfort of your own home.

You create your own magical nest space at home and we provide the link to your own personal ceremony. 

You choose the date and time or join us on the 17th March and let us all energetically connect in the cosmos of life.

 This is a wonderful way to be at home, feel secure and allow yourself to embrace the plants and sleep soundly in your own bed after. We feel the plants are here to guide us,  so we can remember how to live properly, and can fulfil our purpose whilst gain love and trust back in the world. So embracing the plants into your home is a wonderful way to welcome them into your world.


The plants are often gentler when in your own ceremony setting, but they often bring deep connections and realisations. Obviously there can also be lots of outer world moments within the experience which provides both beauty and love, at a deep level for healing and transformation. 

Full instructions will be sent with the plants and the ceremony video link emailed after.


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