This special paste is made from the Cacao seeds from a hundred percent native trees from Balao, Ecuador.

Trees that are ancient and unique to this region, and fall under the category of 'Arriba Nacional', the most rare Cacao variety, recognized globally for its unique and gorgeous flavour profiles!



Sungate are pleased to announce that we are now in collaboration with CacaoAmor. Delivering finest Ceremonial cacao to everyone. This sacred Cacao is in our opinion the best on the market. It offers a unique hand picked and prepared bar of finest Paste.


We are delighted to be importing this amazing, highly nourishing food.

Image by Pablo Merchán Montes


When you purchase this cacao from SunGate you are preserving habitat and improving the quality of life for the farmers and their families 


We personally give £2 from every block sold to the Garden of Amor fund which directly supports the farmers and their families. 

We now offer wholesale prices to bulk purchases



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Cacao Ceremonies at SunGate coming soon 

Zoom on-line Cacao Ceremony 

14th February

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