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Shamanic Courses

Welcome to SUNGATE Shamanic Training.


Our Gateways of Shamanic Initiations are designed so that each person can  journey in stages of growth and development at their own pace.


We help you discover the individual Shaman within you, not by rules, dis-empowerment and suffering, but with love, initiation and non-judgement.

Shamanism is evolving as a beautiful path in life where we can remember ourselves and be in relationship with nature and the world around us.

Skie Hummingbird 
Take your Personal Practice to the Next Level

Gateway 1, this weekend we introduce you to the beauty of shamanism. You will be shown how to clean and cleanse the body, both energetically and with herbs, sacred woods and essences. 

You will be shown how to cleanse the Nawis (chakras) and open them to recieve a shamanic totem animal. 

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Incorporating Shamanism into Daily Life 

 At Gateway 2 known as the South, we begin by gathering your sacred Khuyas so you can build and work with the sacred mesa teachings (medicine power bundle). From here you will explore and begin to release everthing that no longer serves you.

You will be guided to change your past attachments, allowing you to recreate a whole new future. 

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Time to Face your Fears

Gateway 3 called the West. For those who have completed Gateway 2 you can now further your connection and explore a deeper shamanic journey and work alongside Jaguar.

Here you will explore the power of your own Jaguar and discover the deepest fears of your sub conscious and face the truth about yourself.

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Skie Hummingbird 
Time for a Deeper & More Meaningful Journey

Gateway 4 offers a world of endless opportunities, allowing you to take flight in any direction. This delightful and magical gateway will bring joy and magic into your shamanic path.



While working alongside the archetype of hummingbird she reveals what your souls purpose is so here you can learn the art of soul retreival so you feel complete and whole. Its the true healing of the soul.

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Reaching your Goal, Patience is Everything

Gateway 5 is to help us transform like the spirit of the Eagle and Condor. The prophecies of the Q'ero earth keepers finally takes shape and you become part of the peace in the new world.


Your soul comes into harmony, feeling full and brimming with acceptance. Shown how to see the higher perspective, you can finally see beyond having to micromangae your life. 

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Dark and Light Become One 

An initiation into Mastery. Gateway 6 and 7 are explored in the centre offering balance to the duality of everything.


These last 2 gateways are for those wishing to understand and come into full relationship with the masculine and feminine energies within themselves and their ancestry, to bring the duality into balance.

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