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Shacapa Advanced

Once the Shacapa workshop 1 has been completed then the option to deepen your connection and learn new techniques, like a soul cleanse is a beautiful healing addition to anyones practice. 


During this training, Skie demonstrates how to find a Pulsario in the body. A pulsario is the name given  to a point of trauma in the body, that is now manifesting heavy energies and long term could enable dis-ease to set in.  Once discovered a herbal poultice can be made and applied to the area to draw out the stress and bring the body back to balance. Skie shares a wealth of Amazonian teachings that are not commonly taught anywhere else in the UK. Skie demonstrates how to return to body to lightness and how to sing healing stories into a body to allow it to remember its wellness and purpose, clearing old patterns and heaviness that weigh us down in life. 

This incredible day of additional wisdom and teachings is an absolute 'must have' to set your healing practice to a high level of Amazonian power and energy. 

You will receive a new shacapa from the Amazon Rainforest to keep. 

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Deposit now to ensure your place 

 Deposit £50 - £200 full cost

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Date: March 17th 2024


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Wye Village Hall, Wye Kent TN255EA

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