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Shacapa Workshop 1

This fantastic shacapa workshop allows you to receive a genuine shacapa from the Rainforest in Peru.  Skie is the only known teacher of the shacapa in the Uk. She developed and received intense training during her many stays in the depths of the Amazon rainforest where the shacapa is used by all medicine currenderos as a tool for healing.


The shacapa made from a particular plant that grows across the rainforest floor has the potential for such deep healing once you have awakened its full potential with these sacred teachings. 

The shacapa is a rattle used for centuries in healing and power ceremonies, usually it is used to accompany ayahuasca ceremonies but in recent years has now become a rattle owned by many healers and therapists around the world.


In this 1 day workshop Skie shares her deep insights and wisdom allowing you to begin a relationship with the shacapa spirt. Awakening it to offer you and others the opportunity to blossom in life and be connected to the Amazon Rainforest.

You will learn Icaros and techniques to use in healing sessions for yourself or others.

This shacapa is such a beautiful addition to any healing practice.


The shacapa when used properly and has the ability to clear old paths and open endless opportunities for a lighter future.

You will discover how to keep the spirit of the shacapa healthy and rested and in return she will provide you with the magic of the rainforest and the insect totems she carries which give her the unique power of magic. 

We are yet to meet someone who doesnt love a shacapa healing! 

Hucha Stones 

This workshop includes a set of Hucha stones, programmed for you by Skie herself.

Hucha is a term used in Peru to describe any heavy processes or heavy energy. Hucha means heavy, Sami means light. In the teachings Skie has received they do not use the terms negative and positive, they prefer the term heavy and light.  

Skie delivers the teachings to accompany the Hucha stones so you can begin using them immediately and start changing your life. With these incredible stones, awakened and programmed you get to begin clearing yourself and others of all the heavy processes in life. The body likes to store these heavy situations we experience and eventually it weighs us down and blocks our full potential. Knowing the teachings for both the Hucha stone and the shacapa are together a magical and powerful combination to really help yourself keep light and clear from the troubles and stress in world around us.


Join Skie for her next incredible day of shacapa energy and love.

The day includes 1 Shacapa, 1 set of Hucha stones, the teachings and the sheer magic of this beautiful tool.


Wye Village hall, Kent 

Investment £200 

16th March 2024 


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