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Red Hummingbird

Director and Office Manager 








Kent TN255HE


Sound Therapy Healer 

Massage Therapist 

A Bit About Me

Red is the first point of contact and known as the smile of SunGate.


He keeps things running smoothly


Working alongside Skie and doing a lot of the background work, Red is the office manager for SunGate and ensures your emails are answered, courses are booked, everything is spelt correctly and keeps things in order 


More importantly he keeps Skie on track and holds beautiful ceremonies. 

Before Skie 

I was initially introduced to spirituality after discovering Wicca and Celtic Paganism about 20 years ago and although I did not fully immerse myself in it, I found that it helped me to overcome a lot of pain and difficulties in my life, including a couple of stressful relationship splits. I soon left that behind and began finding more wisdom and peace in a universal god energy.


It wasn’t until I met Skie 16 years ago that I fully came to understand the word spirituality and became immersed into a life of love, ancient wisdom, compassion, family and understanding.


I often say that I did not choose the path of shamanic wisdom; I married it!

I can honestly say that marrying Skie was the best thing I’ve ever done. She has helped me to become a better person and I am sure she can do the same for you.

I have also discovered a new interest with wild survival bushcraft and have found a great passion for making bows, baskets and leather work. I love making shamanic drums and holding Sound healing circles. 

The SunGate retreats we held in Peru every year immersed me deeply in plant wisdom and I have opened myself to a new journey with this work 


I am enjoying being a Dad and a Grandad and love helping people through the work we do.



Amazon Rainforest, Peru




Red is a fully qualified I.T.E.C Holistic Massage Therapist and has a deep passion for all massage techniques. Included in his collection of massage treatments available are Hot Stone Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Deep tissue and Indian Head Massage. 

Red is certified in the art of Amazonian Shacapa Healing and Shamanic Energy Clearing

He received his Maestro Initiation in plant ceremonies in Peru in 2018, working alongside shamans from the Amazon.

Red has undertaken Specialist Tobbacco healing / training and worked with this in Amazon Rainforest, Peru.

Red is a fully qualified Reiki Master 

Red is a fully qualified SunGate Fire Keeper.


He builds the sacred fire space for the Andean events and Fire Ceremonies. 


Red studied wild bushcraft and survival skills. 

Red makes Shamanic Hoop Drums. 

Red is fully qualified Sound therapist.


He has completed the SunGate Andean Gateway courses and is qualified to teach. 

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