Red is the smile of Sungate



Red is a fully qualified I.T.E.C Holistic Massage Therapist and has a deep passion for all massage techniques. Included in his collection of massage treatments available are Hot Stone Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Deep tissue and Indian Head Massage. 


Red is a fully qualified SunGate Fire Keeper. He builds the sacred fire space for the Corporate events and Fire Ceremonies. 


Red studied wild bushcraft and survival skills. 


Everyone loves Red


+ Red is fully qualified in I.T.E.C. Holistic Massage, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic Drainage and Indian Head Massage


+ Red has completed the SunGate Wisdom Wheel Gateway Teachings and is therefore an advanced Practitioner


+ Red is certified in the art of Amazonian Shacapa Healing and Shamanic Energy Clearing

+ Red received his Maestro Initiation in plant ceremonies in Peru in 2018, working alongside shamans from the Amazon.


+ Red is a Reiki Master


+ Red has undertaken Specialist Tobbacco healing / training and worked with this in Amazon Rainforest, Peru.


+ Red is the main contact point for all SUNGATE enquires

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