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The yanchay Rite cleanses and opens the third eye and allows you to see clearly your future and the path ahead opening. This energetic rite, clears your blockages around your third eye and any pschic sludge from past mistakes and choices. It enables one to see clearly, focus and regain forsight of the future. 

It has the connection to the Condor, the Eagle and sometimes the Owl. These powerful bird guides offer protection and will guide you into a better future. It enables future knowledge to be gained about choices you have made or are making and increases a sixth sense.

Once received and opened it allows for better choices to be made and psychic knowing to be obtained. Inner reflection and silence work which accompanies this rite will allow the temple of wisdom to be opened in your daily life and any spiritual practices.  

Full instructions are given and then Skie will arrange a suitable time for you to recieve the transmission, it takes 2 hrs to recieve.

These are powerful rites of passage and can be done either in person or energetically.  You will need to supply a crystal, either posted or brought with you in person so Skie can programe it with this powerful rite for you to keep and work with during your 3-6 month intergration. 

Yanchay Hatun Karpay Rite 2

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