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Genuine Agua De Ruda Florida  Water 220ml - also known as Shaman's Cleanse used by the Q'ero and medicine people high in the Andean mountains of Peru, original formula since 1808.


This beautiful  Ruda florida water is used across the Americas by most shamans and curenderos. Ruda is well known for its protective properties. 


 Ruda has a distinctive ancient medicinal scent. Some say it smells like peppercorns and aromatic woods and others find it to be a rich, strong and  grounding.


It is said that Ruda is best when used for cleansing from envy, bad vibes and bad luck. It helps keep away the "gossip' and ongoing stories from others. It clears looping thoughts and the stories you tell yourself about yourself that are not kind or nurturing.  

It helps clear the energy field from heavy unwanted energie known in the Amdean traditions as "hucha" .

Meaning heavy energy.


But on the flip side also attracts good luck and prosperity and opens your heart to attract lighness and softer processes. 


  • Size: Approx 220ml
  • Fragrance: Fragrant Rue plant, rich and strong.
  • Ingredients: Water, alcohol infused rue plant.
  • Use: Widely used by shaman for flower and healing baths  Spiritual Practices - Ritual and Ceremony - Restorative Well-Being
  • Origin: Peru  / Bolivian
  • 200 year old recipe Since 1808

Ruda Florida Water 220ml

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