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Palo Santo is now a protected species of tree.  Our palo Santo product is A* quality and is shipped via special license to SunGate LTD from Peru direct.


Santo is a sacred tree used for blessings and deep prayers and ceremony. It is burnt and the smoke used to move through the energy field or into a sacred space.  It is used especially for those that need a new path and want to feel held, loved and supported whilst changes are made. It is a sacred carrier f prayers and manifestations and love, It has a gentle but powerful way to connect straight to the heart. 

palo santo can be placed on an altar to encourage a deep connection to its spirit. 


Palo Santo is used at Sungate on a reguar basis as we call on the spirit of Q'apachi to clear the path for others to recieve miracles and deep blessings. 


Skie especially uses Palo Santo wood to invoke the violet flame for healing and tranformation. She works deeply with the spirit of Palo Santo and the Q'apachi essence to ensure profound manifestations are recieved both for herelf and everyone she invokes. Working with sacred smoke is Skie's gift to the world. 


Our Palo Santo is sustainably harvested from a private reserve in Piura in Peru. It comes from trees and branches that have naturally fallen and have been laying dead for 4-10 years before they are harvested. They can only be harvested by indiginous people and all our product is fair traded. Only the naturally fallen trees produce the wonderfully woody scent. The longer the tree has been dead, the more potent the scent. Some Palo Santo trees can live to be 80-90+ years old.


The product you will recieve is 12 sticks of palo santo 




Palo Santo Incense

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