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The Hatun Karpay are a unique and high vibrational set of initiation Rites passed down for many generations through the Q'ero priests in the Andes. During a 3 yr apprenticeship, Skie recieved the rites direct from the Paq'o Andean Priests and was given permission to pass these rites to anyone that feels the call to recieve them. 

These rites offer a clear and flowing path into the future. 


The Munay Rite 1, cleanses and opens the heart, clears all blockages, including, shame, guilt, heartache and dissapointmnet and grief.  

These Rites can be transferred either in person or energetically . You will need to lie down for 2 hrs and post a crystal to Skie prior to your online session for programming, which she will return fully programmed.

 Full instructions and how to prepare for these to be transmited are included.


In person Rites can be arranged with Skie for you to bring a crystal with you for her to programme the rite into whilst you also recieve them directly into your energy field. This also takes 2 hrs 

These rites are a powerful way to take back power, courage, heart opening and vision. Please email Skie once you have read through everything to arrange the transmission of the rites. 

Munay Hatun Karpay Rite 1

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