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The LIankay Rites is what completely opens your true path and allows you to fully become one with your destiny and fulfil your divine purpose.

It allows you to step into your power and find your creativity and lifes journey.


The initiation process of this rite takes 2 hrs, you will need to lie down at an agreed time and day, undisturbed while Skie transmits the rites to you.

Or this rite can be arranged for you to recieve in person at Skie house. 


Skie will cleanse this life and all other lives for you. You can emerge clean from this rite, but remaining clear and clean is now your responsibility.

Use the Hatun Karpay to guide you forward in life and allow your luminous energy field to remain transparent and clear. Full instructions are sent to prepare both before and after this rite has been recieved. 

There is a 3-6 month intergration period where you will be set some rituals to do, to fully intergrate the rite. 


LIankay Hatun Karpay Rite 3

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