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Peruvian Agua De Rose Florida  Water 220ml - also known as Shaman's Cleanse- Rose/ Rosa vibrational spirit water has similar properties to Agua de Florida Water.


The rose is known as “ The Queen ”, one of the most beautiful, praised and valued flowers in many cultures and especially with Skie.

Roses have been used across the world for centuries as a special skin toner  to normalize the PH .

This rich Rose Cologne is distilled from real rose petals, and is used to promote self love, harmony, open the heart, and to bring peace in relationships.

Can be used in the bath and for awakenng the heart centre. 


  • Size: Approx 220ml
  • Fragrance: Fragrant Wild aromatic roses
  • Ingredients: Water, alcohol infused rose petals
  • Use: Widely used by shamans for flower and healing baths  Spiritual Practices - Ritual and Ceremony - Restorative Well-Being
  • Origin: Peru  / Bolivian
  • 200 year old recipe Since 1808

Rose Florida Water 220ml

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