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Recorded Mesa Upgrade class . Upgrade your mesa with Elemental Guardians and open your energy Poq'po portals. 

This invite is for anyone who has a mesa and wishes to upgrade it to a higher frequency and enjoy an afternoon of new additional Mesa teachings to update and awaken their mesa and bring with it Powerful guardians and a spirit doctor to keep the mesa healthy, well and for you to remain balanced and with the highest frequency for your light in the world to shne bright.  Raising the frequency, and aligning your vibration with the new Crystal Consciousness Awakening is a delightful gift of love to yourself. 

These teachings will bring the Guardians into your mesa and bring with it the power of the elements. Theses guardians will offer support and a much-needed energy to your power system, opening Poq'pos which are energy portals in your physical body. This offers a sense of being held and helps you be generous with yourself for the future, filling your cup up .

It's time to upgrade and step into the next part of your journey.

Spend 4 hours with Skie delighting in her magical teachings and enjoing the upgrade.  You will need a list of items to attend this course, alongside your mesa. Click the word "recorded" at the beginning of this paragraph for a reminder of the items needed

Thank you for joining this beautiful journey with us. 

Guardian Mesa Course

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