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This Cacao is 100% Artisan and Ceremonial Grade.


These delightful 100g bars make really beautiful gifts for friends and family. 


It doesn t mean you have to drink it ceremonially, Cacao is delicious anywhere and at any time, but best shared with friends.


At Sungate we love Autumn walks with cacao safely tucked in a flask to enjoy out in nature


Our paste is made from Cacao seeds of hundred percent native trees from Balao, Ecuador. Trees that are unique to this region, and fall under the category of 'Arriba Nacional', the most rare Cacao variety, recognized globally for its unique and gorgeous flavor profiles! 


Cacao is delicate and complex, the way it is prepared makes all the difference between a Cacao with high nutritional value and intact antioxidant properties and a block of ground cacao beans.


We at Sungate and at CacaoAmor believe that for cacao paste to be classified 'Ceremonial', extra care in the process of its creation from seed to tree, to fermentation to stone grind into paste is essential. The way they handle their cacao from tree to bar ensures that the beneficial bio-active compounds in our Cacao are optimized and not destroyed!  


The Cacao even has ceremonial music played to it during its process.

Cacao paste comes in many forms; Coverture, Organic, Ceremonial paste and then, there is CacaoAmor and SunGate!

CacaoAmor as does Sungate works with the highest integrity and oversee's the process from tree to bean to bar. Our purpose is to bring you the best ceremonial grade Cacao on the market.

Our two businesses are now in collabaration with each other, offering each other support, financial security and of course, fair trade and high ethics of farming. We ensure the Framers are always treated well and that along the chain of business everyone remembers to be in grattitude for the farmers families and all the hard work that goes into producing such a high quality product. 



For Wholesale of 10kg please contact us by email for seperate discount pricing . Its is a fantastic way to sell great Cacao and earn money for yourself 


Ceremonial Cacao Paste 100g

SKU: 364215376135191
Color: Brown
  • Each Bar of ceremonial paste is of the highest and finest Quality. Hand packed and delivered with love and blessings. 

    Each bar is 500g 

    When you purchase cacao from CacaoAmor you are preserving habitat and improving the quality of life of those who protect and care for it. We give £2 of every block sold to the Garden of Amor fund which directly supports the farmers and their families. 

    Much love to you, from our hearts to yours x

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