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Ethically sourced Native American White Sage.

Lovingly Gathered by Native American's who bless the plants and only take what can be harvested leaving the plant in tact with love.

Native Americans believe that White Sage and 'Smudging' can be used to send prayers, for purification, dispersing negative energy, providing protection, healing, prosperity and abundance.


Used at SunGate for our gateway shamanic work.

Available in 50g packs as shown. 


White sage is powerful and intense and is such an amazing plant to use in cleansing and clearing heavy energies and hucha situations. 

 It produces a lot of soothing smoke that is very refreshing and has anti bacterial qualities, purifying and clearing a new path .


This White Sage is premium quality with a beautifully soft but strong aroma.

50g is shown in the pictures, its a nice amount of loose sage. 

 It can be used burned in a shell like i do at SunGate or simply placed next to, or with, your Crystals and/or spiritual area.

Using white sage in this loose form is better for conservation as you only use small amounts, saving both the plant and your finanes. 

 The White Sage comes as loose leaves with whole leaf parts and minimal stems.


 Caution: Never blow on lit White sage as sparks can fly off.

Always place in a non combustible container

 Many use to cleanse their homes and themselves prior to ceremonies 

 All of our Crystals that we sell are stored with White Sage to keep them clear of negative energy.


Californian White Sage 50g bag

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