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Beautiful Native American White Sage Clusters
Ethically sourced Native American White Sage.

This large 300g bag is ideal for practitioners and healers who use bigger amounts and will want a large supply. 

Using in these loose pieces offers a better way to use less, help the enviroment and be more aware of usage. 

A large bag lasts SunGate almost a whole year !


Lovingly Gathered by Native American's who believe that White Sage and 'Smudging' can be used to send prayers, for purification, dispersing negative energy, providing protection, healing, prosperity and abundance.

Each plant is thanked and blessed and only a small amoun t is taken from each plant to ensure its survival and continuance. 

Substainability is vitally important 


It produces a lot of soothing smoke that is very refreshing and powerful.
This White Sage is premium quality with a beautifully soft but strong aroma. 
It can be used on top of a shell (as we  do at SunGate ), made into Smudge Sticks or simply placed next to, or with, your Crystals and/or spiritual area.
The White Sage comes as clusters with both leaf and stem for the best burning
Many use to offer small gifts to others or for clients to take home 
Caution: Never blow on lit White sage as sparks can fly off. 
Always place in a non combustible container 
Many use to cleanse their Crystals and use for ceremonial work 
All of our Crystals that we sell are stored with White Sage to keep them energised. 

Californian loose White Sage 300g / Big bag

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