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Beautiful Native American White Sage Clusters

Ethically sourced Native American White Sage. 

The plants are blessed and thanked for their harvest and each plant is left in tact so it may continue to grow again. 
Lovingly Gathered by Native American's who believe that White Sage and 'Smudging' can be used to send prayers, for purification, dispersing negative energy, providing protection, healing, prosperity and abundance. 

You will recieve the 2 x 5oog bags. This white sge is what we use at SunGate.  
It produces a lot of soothing smoke that is very refreshing and offers deep cleansing and clearing qualities. It is anti bacterial and brings north American blessings.

This bag can be divided and sold to your own comunities or used for your ceremonies and gatherings. 

This White Sage is premium quality with a beautifully soft but strong aroma.

Here at SunGate we use sage in these loose pieces as it offers a a sustainable way to use this sacred plant.  We only burn what we need and it is such a clean plant to use as it has been wild harvested in accordance with new protective laws in the US. 

It can be used on top of a shell (as we do at Sungate ), made into Small offerings for friends or clients or simply placed next to, or with, your Crystals and/or spiritual area. It can be placed on an Altar to welcome the spirit of White sage into your life and spiritual work. 

The White Sage comes as clusters with both leaf and stem for the best burning and best value.

This large pack is ideal for Ceremony holders and practitioners that use a lot.
One kg bag last Sungate almost 1 year. So its a big bag 

Caution: Never blow on lit White sage as sparks can fly off.
Always place in a non combustible container, ideally a stone, clay or strong shell. 

Many use to cleanse their Crystals

All of our Crystals that we sell are stored with White Sage to keep them energised and empowered.

Californian White Sage 1kg. 2 x 500g bags

SKU: 671253175371
£50.00 Regular Price
£47.50Sale Price
  • Refund if returned in 14 days complete and undamaged 

  • UK shipping only 

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