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  • These beautiful Amamzonian shacapa rattles are sent to us direct from the Amazon Rainforest. Each one is unique and its wildness is its raw power.
  • We dont dress up the shacapa by adding feathers, flowers, crystals  and paint. We leave her in her natural energy so her spirit is not sharing space with other energies. She is a powerful tool in her own rite and her Amamzonian spirit is to be treasured and her sovereignty respected.
  • Each Shacapa is sent with a care sheet and we recommend misting with warm water when she arrives to help her settle into her new space. It reminds her of her home and she loves to be held feeling safe and loved especially as she has travelled half way across the world to be with you.
  • These sacred natural leaf rattles are often used for accompanying icaros and used for healing and sound therapy.  
  • the shacapa is a powerful tool of healing, blessing, clearing and empowering. Skie teaches classes during the year about how to bring the shacapa to life and how to really cleanse, heal and awaken her power.
  • Each one is sent with love and has been hand made by local Peruvian tribes and communities and we fair trade at the agreed prices they set themselves.  The handles are beautifully decorated with ribbons and we often get an assortment of different colours, chosen by the Amazonian communities o bring about colour and joy . 

Amazonian Shacapa Rattle

SKU: 364215376135199
  • These are genuine shacapa rattles made from the unique Peruvian Rainforest plants in Peru 

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