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These incredible flower waters are a speciality product that is used vastly aross South America in all shamanic work. 


Genuine Peruvian Agua De Florida Water 270ml  - also known as Shaman's Cleanse used by the Q'ero and medicine people high in the Andean mountains of Peru, original formula since 1808.


This wonderful fresh fragrance is quite like nothing else out there. Not only does it smell divine but also energetically leaves you feeling like you have stepped under a "Waterfall of 'Happiness" with its amazing light floral scent with zingy citrus lemon aromas that leave  you with a tingly, uplifting and invigorating sense of well being in your mind, body and soul.


Traditionally this energetic cleansing water has been used in shamanic cleansing practices across the world and South America for ritual and ceremony. Used for protection and clearing heavy energy around the body's energy-field known as "Hucha", also untying energetic cords.


Trusted and used by the Shaman and many healing Communities and amogst Kambo practitioners . Agua de Florida is used purify, raise vibration, flourish and clean people’s auras for psychological, physical, and emotional betterment.


  • Bottle Size: 270ml Sold indvidually
  • Fragrance: Fresh, vibrant, zingy, citrus
  • Ingredients:  Citrus & herbal notes along with spice & floral undertones of Bergamot, Neroli, Lemon, Clove, Cinnamon, Lavender, Rose & Orange flower
  • USE:  Cleansing Rituals - Meditation - Energy Healing - Aura Cleansing - Vibrational Room Mist Spray - Skin Cologne - Insect Repellent
  • Origin: Peru Bolivian
  • 200 year old recipe Since 1808


Agua De Florida 270ml

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Agua de Florida
Agua De Florida
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