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Allow yourself to be guided by Skie in these 4 seperate shamanic journeys. Here you can connect to the four Andean totems and recieve guidance and wisdom that you can apply to your daily life. You decide what you need and journey to the appropriate totem to help you. This is a wonderful stand alone practice, or can be added to accompany any Peruvian or Andean shamanic work. These totems will help you to deepen your connection to the spirit animal world and help your inner compass to solve problems and worries. Let the magic of Hummingbird bring joy back into your life. Let the cosmic serpent help you release old patterns and find courage with the Jaguar or Puma. Then obtain a bigger perspective from the magestic Condor. 

You can vist these ancient totem guides and really deepen your journying connection and benefit from their wisdom and skills. No experience needed , just some patience with yourself and the ability to be open. 

Guided Shamanic Journeys to meet the Andean Totems

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