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Message from Ayahuasca

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Mother Earth Re-Birth

As we settle into week 6 of the lockdown in the UK and conscious spacing becomes normality, we find ourselves looking towards a very different future. We are all preparing for the world around us to slowly begin to open again and now we have had some precious time to reflect and listen we can also begin to open ourselves back up into the place of love and connection.

So thank you for being a spectacular human being who is now fully globally connected to the rest of the world in a way you have never been.

Its time to plant new seeds of potential into life.

 Well done and Thank you!

The mother is birthing.

These uncertain times we are in globally will soon pass, and the unfolding of a new dynamic rebirth will then occur. Rolling out across the globe, like a massive new breath of new fresh air for us to inhale deeply into. Hold strong to communities and each other, know you are more than just one person, you are connected to something much bigger and there is enough for everyone.

During the upheaval.

Stay on your own mat, do not absorb the media fear and do not spread the fear to others. Everyone deserves an opinion but yours does not need forcing on anyone, it’s yours, keep it to yourself. Do not allow anyone else’s opinions to sway you from being grounded through this process. Go inwards, what does your light inside say?

Stop guessing why or what this all is, your ego strives to know the truth and be right, so be wrong, no one is right and making outrageous predictions is a waste of time and energy.

Do not feed the shadow.
Negativity does not need your help right now.
You know nothing
Be more productive with yourself
Stay open, stay calm.
This is our way of healing.

The Opportunity

The opportunity to create and birth yourself into a new way of being, slower more peaceful and less demanding than ever before, will soon become clear.  The uncertainty will fall away, and a new wave of consciousness will be seen felt and absorbed by many.

Feel into what you wish to create, dream yourself into a new world, a less consuming one, release unwanted habits and material medals that you once thought important.

Stop putting so much pressure on yourself and importance on perfection.

Nothing is perfect and yet everything is, even what is happen outside is what needs to happen.

The timing is perfect.  

Mother Earth knows what she is doing; do not underestimate her power.

Mother Earth is sending a message to you

What is she asking you to change, to let go of, and be more of?

Let go

The Earth is rebirthing herself.

Once the transition stage has passed...

Find acceptance and peace in your mind. Do not make presumptions, no one knows for certain what will unfold, or what is next. You will be given a window of opportunity to make the full transition or fall back into the past, lost and alone.

Go outwards, help others, trust.

Be in service as much as you can, we need to be interconnected and acknowledged, listen to, and held.  How can you help?

Encourage and create

Come from a place of creation, not judgement and criticism and destruction.

Open your hearts to the possibility of a new wondrous world where people are awakened to a more compassionate and peaceful existence.

One of more simple pleasures, where nature is appreciated and looked after. Become a caretaker of the Earth, plant, grow, nourish and make sure you leave this world better than you found it.

Deeply connect to the new breath and fully immerse yourself into your own knowledge, your own wisdom, your own voice.

Be silent at times and allow everything to be still occasionally.

Remember who you are

Remember what service you are called to be part of

Love and be loved

Be in perfect balance with giving and receiving, find your Ayni

Clear your mind and free yourself

Bring joy back to the world around you

The world needs you to be the best version of yourself

Love the plants xx

© Skie Hummingbird 2020 

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