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Free Shamanic Journey

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Meeting Pacha Mama

This 55 min guided journey will help you to reconnect back to feeling loved and secure, as we begin to emerge from the global situation. It can be used to help ground and anchor us back to feeling safe in the world, no matter what situation has taken place in our personal lives.

Many of us are beginning to look towards a new normal following the most unusual time ever for the UK and around the world. My compassion reaches out to those who’ve experienced painful loss, illness and difficulties in life. Many struggle daily, bringing mental illness concerns and additional stress to our bodies. This guided meditation will help release the fears and concerns, bringing well being and love back to your energy field and calms and security to the mind.

Many of us close ourselves down through fear of hurt or pain, so its understandable many of you feel vulnerable and reluctant to open back up your hearts. But to keep lightness in our souls, we must open and begin to trust ourselves and the world around us.

Being isolated for so long has left many people feeling lonely and unloved, un-held and unconfident in a new future.  

We have become unconnected to nature and are shedding our old way of normal life, for many that is difficult, and a time of adjustment is needed.

We are in an adjustment phase.

We need to feel loved and grounded during any process for a transition of adjustment to be smooth.

Realignment with what’s really important has positive personal value and makes us feel safe.

Feeling valued is more difficult, when we are so limited in our homes, feel isolated and lock ourselves away.

Skie will accompany you to Pacha mama. Let Pacha mama hold you and you can tell her your concerns and worries. Pacha mama, the goddess of the Earth. She nurtures and cares for us, holds us and loves us unconditionally.

You deserve to be held

You deserve to feel safe

You deserve to be loved

You deserve to feel valued

Please create yourself a nice nest space to do the journey, it can be good to wear an eye mask. You will need 3 leaves or 3 small flowers for the end, please have these available.

It is best done with earphones

A gift from Skie to the world

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