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Free Shamanic Journey

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

3 Worlds

Skie invites you to join her for a 45-minute shamanic, guided journey to help you release disappointment from any situation and especially anything overhanging concerning the recent Global pandemic. Then you can connect to spirit totems and guides and realign yourself to a creative energy, and bask in the great mystery.

Skie asks that you create yourself a comfortable space with a candle or incense, and Skie’s students should have their Mesa open.

Make yourself a nice nest space, either seated or laying down.

Best done with eye covers and earphones.

Please ensure you have three leaves

for Kinto Prayers for at the end.

Skie suggests you use this journey as often as you need during any transition time following struggle or disappointment. Once a week is a nice to keep cleansed and open and centred.

Pop on to go to bed with and let the guided meditation hold you through your dream time.

No experience needed, please share with friends and family. 

Skie will lead you through the three Andean shamanic worlds.

Starting with the lower world (Ukhu Pacha) to help you release disappointment, fear and any blocked heavy hucha energy that is present in your energy field; cleansing and clearing a new way forward.  

Then she will move you into the middle world (Kay Pacha) to see what you are emerging into, and help boost creativity and look at what you want to birth; opening the heart and keeping centred. Moving your energy into gratitude. 

Finally, we will glimpse into the upper world (Hanaq Pacha) to see what a new future could look like for us, and where is our new place in the world. How you can be in service and taste the energy of the great mystery.

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