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Breath in Sami light

Skie delights us all with a taster from her Andean Teachings course. Here she offers a simple but beautiful free guided journey to help you connect to the seed of light within our hearts.

In Andean Teachings they say the beginning of time began with the cosmic Guardians of the Galaxy, who through their beauty created our world as we know it.

The Cosmic Mother, Pacha mama, mother of space and the Cosmic Father, Pacha tata, father of time created us, with the guardians, from a piece of everything, the rivers, seas, forests, sands, winds, fires and flowers. The entire plant and animal world is the beginning of us, our original seed. We were a creation of the world, not born on the world.


Remembering is the key to good health, happiness and eternal peace.

A light heart is the difference between living in joy and struggling in life.

Join Skie for this short video

Then if you feel called to know more, change perspectives on life, and lighten your heart fully and connect back to magic, then buy the 8 week recorded Andean Course.

It really is a magical experience , spending time each week with Skie at your own timeline.

Your destiny awaits you

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