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Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Prayer, Power and Meditation

Skie Invites you to create yourself a place of prayer and embrace a sacred living meditation from the Mountains in Peru.

The Paqo Andean Preist's in Peru have created these ancient piles of sacred stones for many years.

They bring passage to a place of power. A prayer to the world inside and the world outside. 

Offer yourself this gift

In Peru, sacred stones known as Kuya's are placed ontop of each other as a sacred place of power. This cain (pile) offers you a living meditation whilst offering power, change and prayer to the world . 

Each Kuya is placed individually once a meditation and prayer of gratitude has been empowered into it. 

Its with grace and beauty this creation is made, once built its prayers are shared to all those who lay eyes upon it. 

Each time yo create an Apachita, it connects to all the Apachita's around the world, strengthening the power and enhancing the prayers.

Each one is unique and can be made from many Kuya's together, creating piles wide and high. These powerful Apachitas are often used for ceremony and initiations.

Together these sacred energies can begin to lift spirits and allow us to really offer gratitude to this world.

It is time now to begin celebrating what is right with the world

Skie builds Apachita's all around the world and enjoys the meditation it offers. Its a time to reflect inwards and allow these sacred story carriers to be in service

It really is simple and very rewarding.

All you need is a few stones ready to stack and some time for inner reflection.

Please enjoy the video which shows how to really connect and meditate with this beautiful passage to inner prayer.

Lets together build Apachitas all around our homes and places in nature.
Together we can help lift the energies in the world and bring meditation back to our soul.

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