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Cloudy Mountain

Destiny calls 

If you find yourself here reading this then you are on your pilgrimage in life.

You will have an inner calling deep in your soul that gently reminds you, you need to be somewhere on earth to complete yourself on this journey through life. This calling is the Pilgrimage. It is orchestrated by the Destiny star and is always waiting for you to remember that you are on a sacred path.

You may have forgotten, so here is, once again your reminder.

We call in powerful energies and reprogram our crystal to help us on our future calling.

The pilgrimage 

·    You will need your mesa if you have one, open it and lay all your stones out in a circle in it.

.    If you only have a few stones/Kuyas then a curved line will do.

·    You will need a journal  


·    You will need your healing crystal from the previous meeting as we are programming it again.

·    Link to meeting 8

This meeting is 1hr 57m


Words to Learn 

Pureq – Meaning sacred pilgrimage, destiny star path, destiny calling

Quespi Apu – Meaning freedom of the mountain spirits

Tambo – Meaning a resting place of contemplation and reflection 

Quyllurit'I -Meaning sacred Pilgrimage receiving the gift of cosmic order 

Skie recommends once you have completed this final meeting that you take 1 week to breathe and then make your way back through the meetings again from meeting 1.

Each time you replay a meeting, especially using headphones it will help you remember 

something else.

There are many layers to each of the meetings and together they make a powerful combination of transformative wisdom.

I wish you all so much magical munay and sami love 

Blessings my beautiful Cosmic Family 

May the Violet Flame bring you Health, Wealth and Happiness 


Skie xx





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