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Amazon Rainforest June 2024

Amazon Experience 17th-27th June 
Wildlife add on 14th-17th June

Maestro Don Javier, has agreed to allow a group of participants to stay at his jungle home in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest to partake in five medicine Ceremonies, alongside Healing, Fire Ceremonies, Teachings and Indigenous Traditions. The master plant teachers of the jungle are divinely interconnected and provide a spiritual intelligence and learning that will open your heart, mind, and soul to the infinite spiritual realms; offering guidance, love and clarity.

You will meet tribes from the local area and enjoy the depths of the medicine in her home land. The Mother Forest speaks to everyone deeply and stirs the essence of who you are, back into your soul. 

10 Day Experience £2000


** 4 day Wildlife add-on experience £450

Deposit (non refundable) £600

The Ultimate Rainforest Experience 

Deep in the Mother Forest is where the magic returns to your soul and your spirit remembers its purpose and divine grace.  


Often, a spiritual awakening takes place and new inspirations and deep guidance for your life can occur as a result of attending these deeply insightful medicine experiences that SunGate offer. Healing the spirit and opening the psychic senses is one of the main outcomes from working with Don Javier. His ability to see through the truths are enlightening, self-releasing and beautiful.  The Mother Forest, as she is known, is both healing and grounding and can help you remember the core of who you are, during the medicine journeys and ceremonies.


This trip is up-close and personal in all ways, and we will be submersed into the jungle in its entirety, from plants to tribal people to wildlife. We will meet local village/tribal people and learn about them and how they live and much of the money provided on this trip goes directly into the communities in the rainforest. This is the home of these amazing people, Pachamama creatures and Mother vines, and it is an honour and privilege to be invited there by our Maestro Don Javier.  

It really is an Amazon rainforest adventure of a lifetime. 



Deposit £600 (non refundable or transferable) 

Bookings taken after March 2024 for this trip will incur an additional £300 charge) 



🌸5 Aya ceremonies

🌸Other Teacher plants, Chiri Sanango, Ajo Sacha, etc.  
🌸Preparing your own group medicine
🌸Floral bath, steam and vapor medicinal plant soaks
🌸All Meals, Water, Tea, seasonal fruits for 10 days

🌸All Accommodation at Don Javier’s for 10 days

🌸Jungle boat tour to Monkey Island and jungle walks
🌸Teachings from Indigenous Shamans 
🌸Meet the Bora Tribe, Yagua Tribe

🌸Healing sessions during your stay
🌸Power Fire ceremony

🌸Collection from Airport and Transfers 

FAQ page

NOT INCLUDED FLIGHTS (you will need a flight to Lima and a short internal flight - Lima to Iquitos). 

Tips and gratitude gifts for staff 

Meals when out and not at centres (usually 2 lunches) 

Accommodation outside dates of the trip  

Transfers outside of collection times and dates 

🌸 🌸For those with extra time we offer an extra Pre adventure with our spectacular wildlife 4 day add on below






*4 days additional add on at the Pacaya Simiria wildlife nature reserve.

If you have time we have the adventure and an opportunity to really welcome the rainforest into your soul. This exciting and beautiful pre trip adventure is such a magical way to welcome the rainforest fully into your heart and create memories of its wildlife, etched in you forever.

For all nature lovers this is a must. 

On this incredible optional add on you will be seeing amazing wildlife up close. These include wild monkeys, toucans, a Cayman night adventure, fishing for piranhas, and frog finding. Spending time in small canoes, whilst touring up the winding rivers of the Amazon, spotting rare, exciting animals, reptiles and birds really is the best way to connect to the heart of Mother Earth .

It's a special Pre trip add on to help you adapt to the climate and culture. So, when you come to embark on your Plant Ceremonies with Maestro Don Javier you would have already fully submersed yourself in the Amazon and can then receive Ayahuasca teachings with an open heart and feel her life force already inside you.  


The total highlight of these tours have etched memories in Skie's heart forever, Seeing wild macaws flying in pairs, and the Amazonian otters swimming and the graceful sloth she got to hold and cuddle will stay with her forever. For the brave she has encountered a Pink toe tarantula which was both terrifying and exhilarating, a once in a lifetime opportunity to hold it along with finding fresh Jaguar prints and a sleeping yellow Anaconda . Another highlight  was the pink Amazonian dolphins swimming in the sunset of the Amazon rainforest. These dolphins are the 4th rarest animal in the world and you will get to, not only hopefully see them, but swim with them. This 4-day addition to our plant retreat is up close and personal in all ways and you will be submersed into the jungle in its entirety from wildlife to plants, topped with tribal life. We highly recommend this add on to fully submerse yourself into the heart of the Amazon. During these trips we learn about the importance of local villages and the essential conservation of these rainforests and how SunGate is helping local communities to build and maintain the land. 

🌸All Accommodation in the reserve

🌸Daily boat tours
🌸Tour guides

🌸Daily Wildlife tours 

🌸Local Village trip

🌸3 meals a day fresh prepared, including coffee, tea and water
🌸Jungle walks, both night and daytime

🌸Piranha fishing

🌸Collection from Airport and transfers to/from nature reserve

Add on must be made before December 2023 

 ***£450 (Cancellations of this add on will carry a £150 Charge)

Bookings made separately for this add on after December 2023 will incur an additional £100 

Full terms and conditions of this Medicine trip can be found here  REQUEST FULL TERMS 

Upon receiving your deposit we will send a questionnaire, if that questionnaire deems you unsuitable for this trip due to current medication or current mental illness we will inform you and return your deposit.

This is only subject to terms of medical situations at the time of original booking 



THIS TRIP is now fully booked

We are taking names for cancellation list 
Please email here 

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