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Earth in Heart shape on green grass and flowers on sunlight, Love and Save the World for t

seeds of potential

Were all seeds of potential and seeds of the earth. Skie leads us all to receive the heart of Pachamama and connect to powerful ancestors and we fill ourselves with special sami energy from the high Andean Priests and Priestesses. We open to new teachers, and we bless our teachers from before. We remember the Transcendent Tree beings; we remember ourselves and welcome the light from the last Solstice.  

pachamamas heart

·    You will need your Mesa if you have one 

·    You will need some fruit, a plate, water in a glass, and some flowers.

.    Your solstice written intention ( any time of the year ) 

·    We will be joining with meditation and visualisations together

Link to meeting 3

This meeting is 1hr 52m 

Here is a reminder to practice putting yourself in a crystal every day. Its a lovely daily practice and also connect to the energies around you and place pieces of everything into your energy field (meeting 1). Remember the fuller you are the more connected you are, the more connected and fuller you are, the more sami energy (breath, light, and violet flame) and samauy energy (breath, the will of life force, and blossoming) you will have and the more of both of those you have, the more generous you can be.

Practice your Munay, breathing sami light, then the flowers and then the delicious fruits. 

Words to learn

Kamaq mallki – Transcendent tree beings 

Ayni- To be in reciprocity, sacred relationship with everything. Share, give and receive 

Paqo- Andean Mountain Priest / Priestess 

Hampuy – To call back to you, call in and return to me 





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