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Skies work is multi layered, offering  depth and mysticism to all her sharing’s.

Thanks to global technology, you can now access Skie’s wisdom from anywhere in the world.

These online teachings and courses are designed to complement any previous work you’ve done and provide a beautiful opportunity for personal growth and transformation on an individual level. You can watch these teachings time and time again, and each time, you’ll discover something new to learn.

The Andean Teachings is for both beginners to this path and for those who have walked it for a while. A timeless course for you to enjoy.

Teachings not commonly known about from the peaks of the Andean Shamanic cultures.
We have pre-recorded our favorite online lessons so you can watch them at a time to suit you, wherever you are in the world…perhaps even 10 years from now!


The Element Guardians Mesa teachings.
The era of Crystal Consciousness is upon us, beckoning us to remember the Elemental guardians and integrate their presence fully into our Mesa. This profound shift raises our vibrational frequency and offers invaluable support during challenging times.


The Despacho ceremony is a powerful, collaborative ritual serving multiple purposes. It is a way to express gratitude and honour, used to heal and cleanse, manifest or align to relationships with the world around you. Skie specialises in crafting these exquisite and bespoke creations tailored to each individual.


These powerful despachos serve as a means for individuals to delve deep beneath the surface of their emotions, uncovering long-held feelings of helplessness, loss or unresolved situations. They can be incredibly healing, offering closure and profound realisations that bring clarity to seemingly endless emotional turmoil.



Andean Teachings

Welcome to the SunGate Cosmic Family, a transformative 8-week online course.

As the Condor Cave Portal awakens in Peru, it beckons us to lighten our hearts and embody the sacred trees of life, bearing sweet fruits of wisdom and spiritual growth.

In this 8-episode recorded Zoom course, Skie unveils new teachings drawn from the magical stories and profound teachings of the Andean Shamanic world. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or just beginning your journey, these Inca teachings offer a unique opportunity for deepening your understanding and connection to ancient wisdom.

Designed with multiple levels and layers, each session provides golden threads of wisdom that can be revisited and integrated into your practice again and again. Through these teachings, we remember the forgotten truths passed down by the Andean priests, known as Paq’os, from a hidden shamanic culture.

Join us on this transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

Embark on a transformative shamanic journey by connecting to the primal seed of light, that ignites the path to your true essence and discover your purpose. Over the course of eight profound sessions, you will harness the potent energy of Andean Ancient wisdom.


See below for our FREE online offerings.

We invite you to enjoy these free gifts

Join us for our free, online offerings. From learning how to build an Apachita to being guided on a journey to help you reconnect to feeling loved and secure, we offer a range of tools to support you in your journey.

Embarking on a Sacred Encounter with Pachamama In this 55-minute guided odyssey, you'll rediscover the embrace of love and security. This transformative journey serves as a compass, guiding us back to a sense of groundedness and safety amidst life's tumultuous currents, be it personal challenges or the ever-shifting landscape of the world around us. Skie will guide you on this wonderfully descriptive landscape of beauty.


The Three Realms Experience
Join Skie on a 45-minute voyage through the realms of shamanic wisdom, guiding you to liberate yourself from disillusionment and dissapointmnet in any circumstance. Through this transformative journey, you'll commune with spirit totems and guides, reestablishing your connection to a boundless wellspring of creative energy and immersing yourself in the enigmatic depths of existence and reset your future.


Apachita - Prayer, Potency, and Meditation

Apachitas are imbued with spiritual significance and are often used in rituals and ceremonies to offer prayers, gratitude, and blessings to the natural world. These ancient stone piles symbolise the interconnectedness of humans with the earth and the divine, serving as focal points for meditation, reflection, and spiritual connection. Indulge in this simple, yet deeply profound and rewarding practice.


Join Skie as she leads you on an enlightening journey of remembrance. This is a preview of Skie’s Andean Teachings course, presenting a serene and captivating guided journey to nurture the seed of light nestled within our hearts. Embrace the remembrance of your true essence.


It is, until it isn’t.
Something is only how it is right now
and nothing is permanent.

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