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Mystical Experience CEREMONY

We want to welcome you to the Mystical Experience ceremony payment page. 

This page was designed for you to pay for your ceremony using various methods, including Clearpay, Paypal and credit cards. Obviously if you want to bring cash on the day of your ceremony that is appreciated too. But this way it gives you options.


Clearpay offers 0% finance, over 4 instalments, allowing you to spread the cost of a ceremony and manage your finances better, this ensures your soul is nourished by attending these events. We all know life can be tough sometimes, juggling everything. So we are making it easier for you. 



WE just want to remind you about key things, like 

  • Have you followed the diet, to the absolute best of your ability

  • Planned your journey to the ceremony ahead of time 

  • Cleared you schedule following the ceremony, not essential, but usually wise

  • Reflected on your reasons for coming


Feeling excited and slightly nervous is normal so please do not worry, we pride ourselves on making people feel comfortable and relaxed.


We are very grounded and have an everyday approach to the ceremonies.  Dancing around outer dimensions is lovely, but most people need every day help and advice, so we ground the ceremonies into practical, helpful, wise guidance sessions. We feel the plants are here  to guide us,  so we can remember how to live properly, and can fulfil our purpose whilst gain love and trust back in the world. 

Obviously there is also lots of outer world moments within the experience  which provides both beauty and love at a deep level for healing and transformation. 


The button 'pay ceremony' is for 1 night, "Pay weekend' button is for 2 nights normal ceremonies. T

he intimate button is for payment for 1 night intimate ceremonies 


We do hope you enjoy your experience with us, and we look forward to meeting you or seeing you again if you are revisiting us. 


With love and Blessings 

Refunds are not given as preparing people for filling your space is very difficult, specially at short notice due to the diet. So, we ask you only cancel in times of emergencies, in which case, contact us ASAP we will do our best to accommodate filling the space if we can. 

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