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Micro Dose 

Micro dosing is a beautiful way to connect you back to sacred nature.

Often life can disconnect us from the beauty of being alive and the light within us. 

Using small amount of fresh plants each day can bring us back into alignment with ourselves, the world around us and rebalance our emotional inner world. 

Many People are turning to healing plants to help them 


Our plants are from the Amazon rainforest and are prepared fresh for you to take in very small doses. This ensures you can continue with your day as normal and they will, over the course of a week, begin to work internally with you. Many people love the relief it offers from anxiety, frustrations, stress, and difficulties with motivation and inspiration.


Our plants work on a deep basis of love, beauty and creativity. Bringing you back to your true seed. Your true light and your true self. 

When you receive your plants, hold the bottle and thank them for arriving, then do some prayers and intentions in the bottle.

Now it is your sacred medicine 

We recommend taking half a pipette

Either first thing for a deeper daily connection or at night time for a deeper dream time connection 

Do not mix with alcohol, drugs or anti depressant medication 

Best if taken for a 7-10 period but longer is always better 

It will be delivered with a full care sheet and delivered by courier 

£40 per bottle + £6.50 postage 

Sunset in the Forest



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