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Mesa Teachings 

The time of the Crystal Consciousness is awakening and in the Andean teachings it is now time to remember the Elemental guardians and welcome them fully into our Mesa. This helps us raise our vibration and offers needed support through difficult situations and processes we all often face in life. Join this online addition of teachings with Skie and gain the energy and assistance to making life easier. Manifest better and flourish. An opportunity to blossom.

The Element Guardians 


ZOOM recorded 4 hrs £65

This invite is for anyone who has a mesa and wishes to upgrade it to a higher frequency and enjoy an afternoon of new Mesa teachings to update and awaken their mesa.  Raising the frequency, and aligning your vibration with the new Crystal Consciousness Awakening is a delightful gift of love to yourself. 




As time passes, the needs of spiritual growth change and we must grow with it, into new programs and perspectives. The magic of the Condor is here for us now to bring a bigger picture to helping humanity and ourselves grow and blossom.  The Andean communities and the High Paq’os  priests have been sharing wisdom and have opened portals for a new crystal consciousness to help humanity rise above the challenges and difficulties the world is currently moving through. 

We need to start facing East and calling the Condor to help us reach our potential and offer our best selves to the world. This upgrade enables us to manifest better, choose ourselves and blossom for others to grow from. No matter what line of work, what your personal family situation or what direction on the medicine wheel you are in. This is an essential way to really feel connected and deeply rooted and help by the forces that surround us every day. This support is vital to the coming of a new world.  


These teachings will bring the essential Guardian elements into your mesa and bring with it the power of the elements. They will offer support and a much-needed upgrade to your energy system, open ing Poq'pos which are energy portals in your body. This offers a sense of being held and helps you be generous with yourself. It's time to upgrade and step into the next part of your journey. 

Earth, its grounded stability, and the energy of seeding new opportunities into your life. 

Fire to awaken your spirit and offer you power of the sun to blossom and remember your power. 

Wind to help with communication and to make essential changes needed with old programs.

Water to keep your mind cleansed and flowing and your mental health nourished and clear. 


Each will be opened into your energy body and then placed into a section of your mesa and will stay there as a guardian. These guardians will then offer support for your journey going forward, you will also introduce a doctor Kuya who will help with any healing or anything that needs medical help and brings mental health vitality back to you. The Kuya doctor helps you move through any process with more ease and helps heal what needs healing. They keep your mesa well and full of vitality and life force. 


The center of your mesa will be opened and will be either represented by a Mountain, a star, the moon, or the sun. You choose your center power.


Skie will deliver these teachings and open the portals within you and your mesa, so you can upgrade your mesa and raise your energy to meet the new vibration that is set to be a time of the Crystal Consciousness.


If you feel called to this next part of the journey, then book now. The cost is £65. 5 hrs with Skie. A Bargain!

You will need some essential items for you to take part. 

You will need.

  • 1 Crystal or stone to represent Earth.

  • 1 Crystal or stone to represent Water.

  • 1 Crystal or stone to represent Wind.

  • 1 Crystal to represent Fire.

  • 1 piece of Pyrite (fool’s gold) or other heavy metal-based stone like hematite or similar.


  • 1 central crystal to represent your center power. Choose only 1 from the list below.

Star power

Mountain power

Sun power

Moon power

This crystal must be slightly bigger than your other Mesa Kuya’s (stones)

Skie recommends obtaining the crystals or stones to be all a similar size, each will stand as a guardian and essence in your mesa offer a fresh uplifting energy to both your life and your path. 


The workshop will require you to lay down and lay crystals on your body, so an element of space is needed to attend.


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