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Power up 

This meeting we will be looking at where we are with ourselves. Then once prepared with Pachamama and Pachatata Sami energy, we can begin opening the ley lines and connecting to ancient temples around the world and harnessing that energy for ourselves.  Giving us all access to a constant energy and wisdom supply from the earth.

Skie helps us open portals and awaken codes and symbols into your energy field and begin then, to connect to the Condor Temple 

ley lines, truth and portals

·    Have your mesa with you if you have one.


·    We will be holding some powerful and energising visualisations this meeting.

.    Write down 4 ancient places, temples or places of power  

·    Link to meeting 4

This meeting is 1hr 40m 

Skie helps us open and connect deeply to powerful ley lines. Surrounding and fuelling your energy field with power, ancient codes and mystery.  Skie then helps us place them into your homes for power and energy. .

Please be aware this meeting can make you alert and very energised, Skie does not recommend you attend this meeting late evening. 





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