Hatun Karpay

The Hatun Karpay are a unique and high vibrational set of initiation Rites passed through generations of Q’ero priests in the Andes.

During a three year apprenticeship, Skie received the rites direct from the Paq’o Andean Priests in Peru and was given permission to pass these rites to her students and those that came seeking their beauty. These rites are a healing and an awakening to your true purpose. Skie will open portals in your soul so you can truly live the life you was destined for.  These rites are a magical passage for you to grow, release, flourish and blossom with. 

The Munay Rite of passage is a potent ceremony that opens and purifies the nine temples residing within your heart. Anything that no longer serves the highest good of your heart will be gently held up and transformed for release.


Once received and embraced, the Yanchay rite facilitates the attainment of better choices and intuitive insights. Inner reflection and the practice of silence complement this rite, opening the doors to the Temples of Wisdom, Knowledge, Vision, and Sight.


The Llankay Rite purges all that drains your vitality, especially fears and heavy energies, liberating you from stored anxieties. Inner Jaguar or Puma energy bestows courage for transformative changes, anchoring you to Cusco, the heart of Peru, offering fortitude and resilience infused with compassion and clarity.


Skie offers talking therapy sessions for those who wish to share and explore problems or challenges. By providing a safe and confidential space for open communication, Skie allows individuals to explore their thoughts, feelings, and experiences in a supportive environment.


This is a potent, combined journey toward reconnecting with the richness of life. With compassion and humour, Skie guides us through an experience of enlightening downloads, effortlessly dismantling the barriers we've constructed, creating a safe haven to explore the depths of our existence.


Shamanic Healing is a powerful process to undertake, helping to re-connect us to our fulfilling life. Skie makes everything you've built barriers around just seem easy to release, offering a safe space to look at your life and really dig into the corners of your soul.


Skie invites you to dive deep and discover the patterns and behaviours that have been holding you back. This process allows clients to release energetic blockages, trauma, and negative emotions that may be contributing to physical, emotional, or spiritual imbalances.  


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