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Personal practice 

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The Gateway





On this weekend we introduce you to the beauty of shamanism.


You will be shown how to clean and cleanse the body, both energetically and with herbs, sacred woods and essences. 

You will be shown how to cleanse the Nawis (chakras) and open them to receive a wisdom totem animal. 

We teach you to open sacred space and discuss the gateways and how your shamanic Wisdom journey could unfold training with SunGate. 


We share how you can join us in becoming a sacred mesa carrier. 

These teachings are open to anyone who would feels called to come into relationship with themselves and their soul's journey and connect to a wonderful Andean set of teachings and initiations. 

Coming into relationship with our divine cosmic soul is the first step to becoming a sacred wisdom keeper. 

After this weekend you can proceed with the second gateway known as the South

£250   9.30am - 5pm       2 days -Next Dates are 6th/7th April 2024 

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