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  • How many people in a group?
    Sungate Ltd likes to keep groups to an easy 12-16 people. However on occasions we have accepted a person or two over that amount, to save disappointment to people feeling really called to join us. The largest group we ever took was 21 people. The accommodation and the ceremony space can easily fit more than our average group so there will always be plenty of room for everyone.
  • Is Ayahuasca legal in Peru?
    The answer is YES. Ayahuasca has been used for centuries by the Indigenous people as part of their culture and traditions, as a healing and prophecy tool. It is prepared fresh and cooked over a fire for hours, while the Curandero sings and prays into it.
  • How many Ayahuasca ceremonies are there in the 10 day trip?
    We usually partake in five ayahuasca ceremonies during our stay in Peru. They take place at night and are usually every other night. However, on occasions Maestro Javier can change the Itinerary if he feels called to do so.
  • Who holds the ceremonies?
    There are 5 main people holding each ceremony together and usually two assistants and an interpreter to help. Maestro Javier Maestra Jessica Maestro Jose Maestra Skie Maestro Red
  • Where are the ceremonies held?
    The ceremonies in Peru are held at nighttime, in a large circular building referred to as a "Maloca". This is an allocated ceremony and sacred learning area. It is very large with ample space for everyone. It has three compost toilets and is completely mosquito netted with a wooden floor. Sponge foam beds are provided with blankets and bowls.
  • Do I have to do all the ceremonies?
    No, you are under no obligation to partake with drinking Ayahuasca in all the ceremonies. You will however, be expected to attend all the ceremonies even if you do not drink the Ayahuasca. Maestro Javier likes to ensure everyone receives healing and the power of the icaros that are sung during the ceremonies.
  • Will I learn about Ayahuasca and learn Icaros?
    Maestro Javier loves to share wisdom and knowledge and delights at teaching the groups we take, all about ayahuasca. He often also likes to teach everyone an Icaro. An Icaro, for those now asking, is a powerful song given to the Maestro by Ayahuasca to sing in ceremonies. It is actually more a sacred story than a song as such. It holds healing abilities and magical energies to help release pain, grief and blockages like guilt and shame. It release you from doubt and clears a path for you to find the knowledge and love you need to fill your soul up. Some icaros are used for specific healings and situations and all are blessed by the ayahuasca vine. Usually the groups are shown how to prepare the ayahuasca brew, which we do together. It is then cooked and then we drink that medicine to bring about unity and healing.
  • Do I need to do the cleansing diet before I arrive?
    No, you do not need to apply the full cleansing diet prior to your arrival date. We do ask that no drugs be taken 2 weeks prior to arrival on 17th June . We also ask no alcohol 48 hours prior to arrival on the 17th June. Medication and supplements must be declared to us at the time of booking or when you begin them prior to the trip, so we can ensure your safety. We suggest cutting down on sugars and caffeine if you know you might struggle. Please keep salts as normal.
  • What is the food and diet ?
    The food at the wildlife centre is plentiful, usually locally hunted meat and always a good vegetarian option. Vegans however, are not catered for very well, as most people in Peru have only just adjusted to what a vegetarian diet consists of. 6 years ago they still served chicken and fish to vegetarians as they believe only red meat was not eaten. Thankfully time has moved on now. They have coffee, tea, cooked breakfasts and fresh drinking water. At Maestro Javier's land the diet is a deep cleansing diet that is in accordance to Peru's Ayahuasca rules. The diet is completely vegetarian with the offer of some fish if Javier decides to treat the group. The diet consists of water made porridge and fresh fruit for breakfast. Occasionally eggs Lunch is salads, potato and beetroot or an array of vegetables and rice. Occasionally fish. Evening meal is typically soup only, and sometimes bread. Herbal teas and fresh drinking water both cold and hot available Fresh jungle honey. Strict vegans have in the past, really struggled, as there are no alternative options offered for proteins. No chickpeas, tofu or bean curd or alternatives are on site. We recommend you take some Ayahuasca friendly snacks with you like unsalted nuts, dried fruits or Nak'd bars and maybe cacao.
  • Will there be toilets and showers?
    Yes. At the wildlife centre they have both flushing toilets and cold water showers. At Maestro Javier's land there are both flushing toilets and compost toilets. There are also a selection of showers on site, which are cold water only. The water is supplied from local rivers. The ceremony space has three large compost toilets which are cleaned after every ceremony.
  • Is there electricity?
    Both the wildlife centre and Maestro Javier's land have very limited electricity, which is run from a generator. This is only on for around 4 hours a day. We recommend only bringing essential electrical items. Know that you will need to share phone charging times with everyone on site. We do not recommend bringing electrical razors, hair straightens, and that any laptop usage be really minimal.
  • Is there any Wi Fi?
    The answer is NO. The nearest village did get electricity and a cell tower, installed around 5 years ago now, so some cell phone coverage is available on site. It is super limited and often dips in and out, so not reliable. We only recommend making essential short calls home if you need to stay in contact. In the main town of Iquitos, which we often visit once during our stay, internet and WiFi is available in restaurants and cafes, but it is not at the speeds you would be accustomed to in the UK.
  • What vaccinations do I need?
    The answer is none. There are no laws or rules around essential vaccinations to enter the area we are staying in Peru. However, SunGate Ltd recommends you consider having a typhoid injection and that your tetanus is up to date . Most travel nurses will freak out when you state you are travelling to the Amazon and recommend you take Malaria Tablets Rabies Jab Yellow fever Hep A and B Please ensure these are taken because you genuinely want to, as some of those listed carry heavy financial costs with them, as not all are available on NHS. Maria tablets do not mix with the Ayahuasca medicine which you will be drinking so you will not be able to take them. Yellow Fever is essential for travelling to Bolivia after the stay with Sungate Ltd. For those travelling elsewhere please check the countries' entry information.
  • Do I need to speak Spanish?
    No, you do not need to speak Spanish. We have an interpreter on site to help with translating everything you need to communicate. Maestro Javier and Maestra Jessica do have some understanding of english language. They also read peoples energy and often know what you are saying and expressing without words. They are exceptional at looking inside you. We do ask that you simplify, if possible, what you need to communicate to help the interpreter as often interpretation can be exhausting and time consuming.
  • What happens in a medical emergency?
    Thankfully, we have never had the need for someone to visit the main hospital in Iquitos. There is a nearby medical centre in the village, which can be reached by a motorbike car in around 15 mins. We did take someone to the local medical centre once for blood tests to check for Dengue Fever. He was given the all clear just 20 minutes after the blood tests were taken and fully recovered 2 days later from the jungle flu he had contracted. The main town of Iquitos has a fully equipped hospital and modern facilities and is reachable in around 40 -60 minutes.
  • I'm scared of Insects and don't know if I should come?
    There will be insects. Insects are an essential part of the rainforest eco system and the life of plants and animals in the rainforest wouldn't exist without them. So yes, there are plenty of insects, most are essentially harmless. We cant decide if you should come or not, that is a question only you can answer, knowing you are scared of insects. We strongly suggest you think about how this might impact the enjoyment of the trip if you are upset by the tiny ones of the Jungle.
  • Will there be mosquitoes?
    Yes, there will be mosquitos. At different times of the year, depending on rainfall, the amount of mosquitoes varies, however it is the Amazon Rainforest so they are always there. If you have severe allergic reactions to these creatures I would strongly recommend you think about how that might impact your trip with us.
  • How hot will it be?
    The Amazon rainforest is both hot and humid. We are unable to supply you with an accurate temperature as the climate there changes. It is a tropical environment and the humidity can, at times be high, depending on daily rainfall and thunderstorm showers. June temperatures vary around mid to late 24-28 degrees.
  • Is Iquitos Safe?
    Iquitos is the nearest main town area to where we will be staying. We have always felt safe, as many tourist visit this place, although we recommend you do not walk about with expensive cameras or wear expensive jewellery. Iquitos is a poor area and temptation is best not put on show. We recommend everyone gets themselves a money belt to wear inside their shorts or has secure zip pockets, and rucksacks should be worn on your front. Pickpockets are well known in most of the market areas so just be aware.
  • What currency do I need in Peru?
    The currency they use in Peru is both Peruvian Soles and US dollars. Local traders prefer Peruvian Soles. We recommend Peruvian Soles for spending money. This currency however needs to be ordered and is not readily available over the counter at money exchanges in the UK. There are plenty of banks in the main Iquitos square, Plaza de Armas. You are however, limited to a daily allowance which is different to the UK. Please ask your bank for the charges of withdrawing money abroad.
  • What flights do I need?
    You will require a flight into Lima, Peru. Then you will need a flight from Lima to Iquitos. There are no direct flights to Lima from the UK. Most flights are via either Europe or USA. We recommend airlines KLM or Air France. Flights from Lima to Iquitos are usually 2 hr internal flights. We recommend StarPeru, Latam or Peruvian Airlines. There are plenty of other airlines, which provide flights both to Lima and Iquitos and we recommend you research fully and book accordingly to your budget.
  • Do i need an entry visa for Peru?
    The answer is no, not for the duration of our trip. UK citizens do not need to produce a visa if they are planning to enter Peru for tourism-related activities. Without a visa, British nationals can stay inside Peru for a maximum period of 183 days.If you plan to stay much longer or go travelling around Peru we suggest you check full visa and travel requirements for longer stays. Up to date requirements should be checked fully before travelling.
  • Can I pay in Instalments for the trip?
    Yes. We understand some people need to budget their money so we are happy to offer an instalment payment scheme. Once the deposit has been paid of £600 We then divide the remaining amount by the months left until the balance date of 1st May 2024. Example: Trip £2000 Deposit £600 paid in July 2023 Balance remaining £1400 £1400 divide by remaining 9 months = £155 per month This will be a standing order set up by you with your bank to pay in instalments of £155 on a date of your choosing. Contact us and we will provide you with your instalment amount and our bank details.
  • How much is the deposit and when is the balance due?
    The deposit is £600 This is the same deposit for the 10 day trip or the 14 day trip. Upon receipt of this deposit a questionnaire will be emailed to you asking about your health and any medication you take. If you are unsuitable for this trip due to your health and medication situation, SunGate Ltd will return your deposit in Full. This only applies at the time of booking and further medical situations that arise will incur full cancellation terms. The full, outstanding balance is due by 1st May 2024 Deposit £600 A further payment of £500 to be paid by 1st February 2024 Remaining outstanding balance to be paid by 1st May 2024 We do offer an instalment service for those looking to pay monthly. Late bookings for this trip after 31st March will incur an additional £300 payment.
  • What happens if I have to cancel my trip?
    We recommend everyone takes time to read these cancellation terms. Our cancellation policy is in place to ensure everyone understands what happens in the case of a cancellation. Cancellations due to medical reasons that arise after the questionnaire process, still incur cancellation fees. We will need to have your cancellation in an email, outlining clearly that you fully understand the Cancellation Terms, set out in accordance with this trip. 10 day trip Cancellation Terms £600 deposit is required to secure your place on the trip £500 is required by 1st February 2024 £900 Is required by 1st May 2024 All deposits are NON refundable and NON transferable . **see below Cancel by 1st February 2024 all money refunded. (except deposit) Cancel between 1st Feb-1st May 2024 , £500 cancellation fee (+deposit) Cancel after 1st May, full cost of £2000 cancellation fee. 14 day trip Cancellation Terms £600 deposit is required to secure your place on the trip £500 is required by 1st February 2024 £1350 Is required by 1st May 2024 All deposits are NON refundable and NON transferable . **see below Cancel by 1st February 2024 all money refunded. (except deposit) Cancel between 1st Feb-1st May 2024 , £500 cancellation fee (+deposit) Cancel after 1st May, full cost of £2450 cancellation fee. For those paying in instalments: The same cancellation terms apply as above, and continued instalments will need to be made to ensure cancellation terms are met. ** see below ** Once a deposit has been received you will be emailed a health and medication questionnaire. If SunGate Ltd decide, due to medical conditions or medication, that you are NOT suitable to attend this trip then we will refund your deposit in full.
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