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Image by Samuel Austin

The dissolving

Our Meeting today is to continue our journey with the Crystal Condor to dissolve old programs and help us release dogma, outgrown procedures, and perspectives.

We will be calling on the Crystal Temple in the upper world to help us dissolve all that no longer serves us.

Then programming a crystal for our own healing and beauty to help us raise our vibration fully.  

the crystal temple

·    You will need your mesa and a journal if you have one.


·    Remember to pause the video and take your time to journal and make notes.

·    You will need a small offering crystal which will be given to nature, left at a base of a tree.


.    We will program this offering crystal in this meeting.


·    You will need an additional beautiful crystal for your own healing, and you will be keeping it.


     Ideally Rose quartz, clear Quartz, or Amethyst. But any beautiful crystal will be ok.

We will be journeying to the Upper world so please ensure you are grounded for this meeting with nourishing food and filling your energy field up with lots of nature if possible and connections. 


Link to meeting 6

This meeting is 1hr 43m






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