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6. Master Gate

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Step into the mastery Gate

All others fall to the side as you rise by receiving the initiation Karpay transmissions needed to teach this incredible work, authenticated by SunGate, Skie and Don Juan.

The power now returns to you fully.

On this invite only course:

  • You will connect to the feminine and the masculine energies within yourself and all of Creation
  • You will be taught the seven Nawi Illumination Process
  • You will be given the Karpay rite of passage to become a Wisdom Keeper
  • You will be shown how to give the Bands for the Nawi Centre Seeds for the Archetypes to be installed into others
  • You will be shown how to give the Mesa Carrier Karpay Rite to your students
  • You will be shown how to lock the elements into a student’s energy field
  • You will be given the five Bands of Protection
  • You will be given information never taught or shared outside of the Mastery training
  • We will explore your own medicine journey and your own experiences of the perpetual states of being with the Archetypes
  • You will be shown how to Summon the Becoming
  • We will look at your service with hucha ayni/ sami ayni moving you towards Cosmic Ayni

 The centre piece

How to stay in the centre and teach from your rightful place of the Wisdom keeper.  From the centre the work transforms. Individual white Mesa despacho’s will mark the completion of your training and will transform all other Gateways to SunGate, enabling you to open your own personal Gateway training and awaken the call to receive your own students.

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