Andean Teachings

In this course you will be releasing, connecting, filling your energy up, and above all remembering yourself in such a beautiful way. It offers a different healing practice, one that is not commonly taught, […]

6. Master Gate

Step into the mastery Gate All others fall to the side as you rise by receiving the initiation Karpay transmissions needed to teach this incredible work, authenticated by SunGate, Skie […]

5. East Gate

Time to spread your wings The East is the end and the beginning. It transforms you with the spirit of the Condor. Your soul comes into harmony, brimming with acceptance […]

1. The Gateway

This 2-day course introduces you to the beauty of shamanism. You will be shown how to:

3. West Gate

Time for compassion On completion of the South, it’s time to find courage and step into the cardinal direction of the West. Here you will begin walking with integrity under […]

2. South Gate

Time to begin After completing the Gateway, step onto the South and begin your journey as a healing mesa carrier. The mesa is a unique bundle of medicine ways, stories […]

4. North Gate

Time for magicThe North offers a world of endless opportunities, allowing you to take flight and find your dance. This magical cardinal point will bring joy and lightness into your […]

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