Time for Joy and a more Meaningful Journey

Blue Hummingbird

The North Gate





Gateway 4 offers a world of endless opportunities, allowing you to take flight in a new direction.


This delightful and magical gateway will bring joy and magic into your wisdom path.


While working alongside the archetype of hummingbird she reveals what your souls purpose is, so here you can learn the art of soul retreival so you feel complete and whole. Its the true healing of the soul.


We connect you to the 3rd chamber of the heart, life force. 


Emotional freedom from attachment to the many roles we play throughout life is acheived in this gateway allowing true flight on your personal epic journey into the future.

You will connect to the 'here and now' and be living in the moment realizing that, that is all we ever fully experience.

A short over night vision quest is completed offering a connection to your self and the natural world.


Deep work with the mesa teachings offers a connection to air and with communication from the winds that carry the messages from our ancestors to us.


In this gateway we remember who we really are.

You will be shown how to summon the becomming to allow for manifesting a beautiful future.

You will be taught how to hold space and perform and create a beautiful Despacho ceremony for others.  

 £450     10am-5pm       4 days

SunGate Ltd
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