Kambo Practitioner Retreat


5th JUNE - 15th June 2021

Pacaya Simiria Rainforest Nature reserve



Set in the heart of this amazing Peruvian Amazon rainforest Nature Reserve 

Experiencing wildlife up close and then training in the art of Kambo medicine to become a facilitator, with the addition of some beautiful plant medicines to help us fully experience the love and magic of the jungle.

This retreat will be full of lifetime memories, laughter, fun and healing.
 Fancy learning some survival skills? Having an Amazonian mud bath? Experience a magical San Pedro Ceremony for opening your heart? 
And of course it wouldn’t be an authentic Amazon retreat without at least 1 Shipibo held Ayahuasca ceremony, would it?  Sound great so far? Of course it does, then we will be embarking on the main event of Kambo Practitioner training.
It really will be an adventure into the Amazon and all her gifts.
 We will also be training in Sananga soul cleanses and rape Amazon Snuff, which will both be available to purchase for your return home.
Skie will be training in Kambo herself so you will all be together on this retreat, learning and taking part, transforming with love.  Developing ourselves in a new way with this powerful medicine and fully coming into relationship with the frog and its importance in the incredible Amazon Rainforest. This will be a unique opportunity to really develop yourself in so many ways, bringing confidence, healing and power into your soul from the frog.
Merging you with this frog's energy, power, cleansing, healing and anti-inflammatory peptides, you will certainly return a healthy new person.

There are so many little gems within this incredible journey, far too many to list so we will leave the extras as surprises for you all.

We will start by adventuring into the deep, deep Amazon Rainforest where we will be staying at Curuhuinsi Lodge

This is a stunning retreat centre with so much character and love and Skie has stayed there twice before.

We can enjoy swimming in the Amazonian rivers, hopefully seeing the rare pink dolphins. We will be adventuring out at night for jungle walks, to see its night life of anacondas and caiman and then spend our daytimes upstream in small canoes along the rivers basking in both the sun and the wildlife all around us.


This is a full on, up-close, connection to nature where the tour guides are delighted to take us on adventures. Piranha fishing and caiman spotting at night really is a unique experience not to be missed.

It truly is a magical way to fully connect and ground you into Amazon life before the Kambo training begins.

We will then be moving deeper into the nature reserve to stay at Victor's retreat home for the Kambo training 

Now everyone has grounded, is relaxed and started to really come into relationship with the jungle, Victor will begin our training in the traditional art of Kambo Medicine. 
Kambo treatments and training will take place daily and include the harvesting of fresh Kambo at night where you will meet the Kambo frog.

Victor, who is indigenous, first did Kambo at 14 years old. He was then trained in Kambo medicine by the Matse tribe, who he lived with and then he spent time training with the Katukinas and the Yananwana tribe.


He is happy to share his vast knowledge and passion with us and overjoyed to fully train us all in the art of Kambo, but permission to work with Kambo, with others once back in the UK, he believes should only ever be granted by the frog himself.  

This we feel is such a beautiful and traditional way to honour this medicine. (The medicine plants chose us at SunGate not the other way round, so the same principles apply to Kambo).

Victor assures us the frog loves everyone so you can connect easily to Him. 


 There is no pressure to become a practitioner, so if you just feel called to come along and enjoy an amazing Kambo jungle experience, you are welcome to join Skie on this retreat.

She would gladly love some company and is more excited than ever to be embarking on this incredible opportunity to further be in service to this world. 


For those called to be practitioners we will be applying Kambo to local villagers under Victor's supervision as part of the training. It will be a wonderful way to fully witness this life saving and cleansing medicine, freely being used for deep healing work on local village people. 


 You will learn all about its history and its place in the rainforest, and of course, handle these beautiful frogs and connect to the spirit of them in person.  You will learn applications, harvesting, knowledge on its science, how to use Kambo on yourself and others using traditional Amazonian techniques and receive the healing power of this incredible frog. 
All participants will go home forever changed armed with a full, freshly harvested Kambo stick each to continue their work. 
This wonderful retreat really is an amazing opportunity to meet Kambo, come into relationship with yourself and the Amazon rainforest and return able to help others heal and grow with this powerful medicine. 


You will also be enjoying 1 Shipibo held Ayahuasca ceremony and for those who feel called, a heart opening San Pedro medicine walk through the jungle. 


To keep this an intimate, loving retreat we are limiting it to just 8-10 people Max, to ensure we all get the sufficient attention we need for the training and can hold each other beautifully through this transforming process in a loving way.


The full investment of this incredible healing and training adventure including Kambo Practitioner training is
£1750 per person.  

This includes all accommodation, food at the retreat centre and transfers from the Iquitos airport , all adventures out in canoes, days out, camping overnight, survival skills, night walks, Amazon adventures. Return transfer to Iquitos town.
All full practitioner Kambo training including daily Kambo treatments, 1 San Pedro ceremony and 1 Shipibo Ayahuasca ceremony
1 Kambo stick to take home. 
Basically the only thing not included is flights

BA fly direct London to Lima 

Deposit of £500 is required to secure your place on this fantastic opportunity and will not be refundable as they are all transferred out to Peru to secure our dates.  We will do our best to fill spaces to avoid personal losses in cases of cancellations. 
The retreat is 10 days
Meet point is 9am at Iquitos airport on 5th June 2021  
You will be collected and taken to the Port
Transfers then will be a 4 hour journey up the Amazonian rivers by boat to the retreat centre, as it is deep in the Amazon 
Retreat ends 15th June 2021 where you will be returned to Iquitos town, late afternoon. 

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