Reaching your Goal:

Patience is Everything


The East Gate



Gateway 5 is to help us transform like the spirit of the Eagle and Condor.



The prophecies of the Q'ero earth keepers finally takes shape and you become part of the peace in the new world.

Your soul comes into harmony, feeling full and brimming with acceptance. Shown how to see the higher perspective, you can finally see beyond having to micromangae your life. 


This graceful and powerful gateway and archetype will allow you to connect to the super conscious and upper world so you can journey to your future self and come from a solid place of trust.


Here you can heal illness, meet your future self and change the future before it

has begun.


You will be shown how to cut energetic contracts from all life times including this one so you may fly free from outworn and outdated energy cords.

We connect you to the forth chamber of the heart, acceptance.


Then we work with the element of fire and complete the transformation.  

Here you can fly wing to wing with great spirit

 £450     10am-5pm       4 days

SunGate Ltd
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