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Welcome to SUNGATE Wisdom Training.

Here at SUNGATE we like to keep things simple, so we have one Wisdom Gateway Teacher, Skye.

This ensure's that you always get the best shamanic advice and Teachings


We are blessed to have a small regular team of volunteers and helpers that enjoy coming  to assist but Skye is always the main teacher.

Our Gateways of Wisdom Initiations are designed so that each person can  journey in stages of growth and development at their own pace.

We help you discover the individual Wisdom keeper within you, not by rules, dis-empowerment and suffering, but with love, initiation and non-judgement.


Shamanic wisdom is evolving as a beautiful path in life open to everyone.


It is an ongoing life path where we can remember ourselves and be in relationship with nature and the world around us.


These Wisdom Gateways are infused with Peruvian archetype totems and will enable you to work with a sacred Mestana (Mesa) power medicine bundle.

Working closely with the Mesa and sacred Khuya stones.

Working through these sacred Gateways will offer natural growth along a profound journey of self discovery and self realisation. 


Each Gateway allows deep healing both to yourself and to the world around you.

You connect deeply to the archetypal spirit animals from the Q'ero traditions.


The Q'ero people are the last remaining Inka descendants and through their beautiful teachings and unique initiations we can enter a time of inner peace, connection and love.


Each Gateway offers a special connection to nature and a part of our inner consciousness and allows us opportunities of spectacular shamanic beauty and connection to a lineage stretching back thousands of years.


You are under no obligation with this training to complete all seven gateways.

In fact, very few ever reach the Sun/Moon Gate 

Answering the call of the Wisdom Keeper is often set with challenges, but the spiritual growth and inner wisdom reached is the biggest gift of all. 

All our courses and add on workshops are both fun and educational. Full of practical and loving ways to hold space both for yourself and others.


We love watching new people discovering gifts about themselves they never knew they had or rekindling old creative energies within them. 


Here at Sungate we are a community and we would love for you to join us 

To begin your journey with us book here 

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