Where Dark and Light Become One


The Sun & Moon Gate



An initiation into Mastery.


Gateway 6 and 7 are explored in the centre offering balance to the duality of everything. These last 2 gateways are for those wishing to understand and come into full relationship with the masculine and feminine energies within themselves and their ancestry, to bring the duality into balance.


The Moon and the Sun, dark and light, as above is below and all other dualities in life must be balanced within the Nawis so you can teach others. 


Completion of these 2 last gateways offers full permission and lineage for you to teach and initiate others through the life changing gateways and sacred teachings of SunGate and the Peruvian Archetypes and mesa power.


This last dual gateway offers the teachings of the unique 7 nawi illumination process and teaches installation of the energy belts for future students.


It is accompanied by solar and lunar initiations and rites that offer deeper intuition.


Here you become the teacher and wisdom carrier. 

 £600     10am-5pm       4 days

SunGate Ltd
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