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The crystal heart

As we begin a new way of seeing into our year ahead, we align to being fully present like Pachamama, prepared like Pachatata and ready to receive the Crystal Heart from the Crystal Condor.

It's a fantastic time to literally change perspective and see the world through the vision of love and union.

The bigger picture and the magic of the space that holds for us.

You will receive the Crystal Condor heart, which can help us transmute all Hucha that we perceive to be in the world, in our life and in our family communities. 

the crystal condor 

·    You will need your Mesa if you have one. 

·    We will be visualising and doing guided meditations.

·    Please ensure you are still filling your energy field up, that you are connecting to the stars            and night sky.


Remember to practice your sami light breathing and sending it to those that need help.

Hopefully you have benefitted from the ley line work in the last meeting

·    Here is the link to meeting 5

This meeting is 1hr 41m

Remember to put yourself in a crystal daily, call on Pachatata and Pachamama and the Crystal condor. Cosmic love 

Then 3 deep breaths for eternal peace 

Please go out and offer at least 1 blessing or “good helping deed’ for someone each day. It can be small of large, but do not offer more than you have and remember you are the priority.

You can help by putting people in the violet flame, send blessings, practice sending Sami light energy or connecting to the Energy ley lines.

Only give your 50 % and ensure you are present for everything. Look out for old programs rising in your life, so we can take them to the Crystal Temple next meeting to be transformed.  

Set intentions for the day, I want to be present with?


It's such a blessing to help you remember 

Happy magical blessings to you all, my beautiful Cosmic family





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